Born in the Bronx and raised on Long Island, Lynn Christian has been an artistic student most of her life. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a degree in Interior Design, Lynn worked in the high end architectural design profession with a strong emphasis on furniture and mill work design. Many completed projects included original collections of furniture and accessories by the likes of Jean Michel Frank, Josef Hoffman and Pierre Chareau and artwork by the great abstract expressionist painters and other master works. Eventually Lynn returned again to painting. After a period of study at the New York Studio School, it became clear that the influences of her professional and life practices had an impact on the proportion, composition and style reflected in her artwork, while also allowing personal expression.

Artists Statement
What I carry forward subconsciously from the discipline of architectural design is the
formal structure, attention to detail, scale and proportion.
Nevertheless, what guides my path now is the freedom to turn in any direction as I please and explore new avenues without any rules, regulations or constraints.
When I paint, I am living in the freedom of not thinking. I don’t have to understand anything beyond my feelings or a color. My painting progresses through a continuous interplay of application and correction based on no program or requirement. The work usually moves through many transitions as it seeks a type of balance and a conclusion.​